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Excessive Exercise Caused Muscle Pain and Sore Muscles

Excessive Exercise Cause Sports Injury
Athletes or sport players suffer muscle injuries of all kinds are no exception. Included among those injuries are muscle "pulls" (cramp & strain)
and muscle soreness following heavy workouts. Those sports injuries refer to the kinds of injury that occur during sports or exercise. While it is
possible to injure any part of the body when playing sports, the term sports injury is commonly used to refer to injuries of the musculoskeletal
system that cause muscle strains and soreness. Learn more the microscopic mechanisms behind the injuries that can help you to
understand how your body’s self healing takes place is and what are the best natural processes of your joints and cellular crave.
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Common Sports Injuries
Injuries among athletes fall into two basic categories: overuse injuries and acute injuries, with both types including injuries to the soft tissues
and bones.
  • Overuse Injuries are caused by a series of small injuries to the same area of the body causing minor fractures, minimal muscle tears,
    or progressive bone deformities.
  • Acute Injuries are caused by a sudden trauma, and may include:
  • contusions (bruises)
  • sprains (a partial or complete tear of a ligament)
  • strains (a partial or complete tear of a muscle or tendon)
  • fractures
Sports and Spinal Cord Injuries:
Although rare in sports, 10 percent of all spinal injuries occur during sports, primarily diving, surfing, and football. Participants in contact sports
can minimize the risk of minor neck spinal injuries by doing exercises to strengthen their neck muscles and wearing appropriate protective

Sports and Soft Tissue Injuries:
About 95 percent of sports injuries are due to minor trauma involving soft tissue injuries -- bruises, muscle pulls, sprains, strains, and cuts or
Sprains - about one-third of all sports injuries are classified as sprains, a partial or complete tear of a ligament -- which is a tough band of
fibrous connective tissue that connects the ends of bones and stabilizes the joint.

Symptoms of a Sprain Often Include:
  • a feeling that a joint is "loose" or unstable
  • inability to bear weight because of pain
  • loss of motion
  • the sound or feeling of a "pop" or "snap" when the injury occurred
  • swelling
  • Strains - a strain is a partial or complete tear of a muscle or tendon. Muscle tissue is made up of cells that contract and make the body
    move. A tendon consists of tough connective tissue that attaches muscles to bones.
  • Contusions - the most common sports injury is a contusion, or bruise -- a result of a blunt injury causes underlying bleeding in a
    muscle or other soft tissues.
Treatment for soft tissue injuries usually consists of Rest, Ice, Compression (wrapping with elastic bandages), and Elevation (R.I.C.E.) of the
injured arm, hand, leg or foot.
Sports and Skeletal Injuries:
A sudden, violent collision with another player, an accident with sports equipment, or a severe fall can cause skeletal injuries in the athlete,
including fractures.
  • Fractures constitute a low 5 to 6 percent of all sports injuries. Most of these breaks occur in the arms and legs. Rarely are the spine and
    skull fractured.
  • Stress fractures occur frequently because of continuing overuse of a joint. The main symptom of a stress fracture is pain. The most
    frequent places stress fractures occur are the tibia (the larger leg bone below the knee), fibula (the outer and thinner leg bone below the
    knee), and foot.
Natural Remedy For Sport Injury Treatment
Many athletes believe they should "work through the pain!" and many medical professionals will tell you difference magical opinions like take
pain killer or suffer the endless pain to wait for a therapist’s appointment or Surgery - But in the research, there are still many natural alternative
sports medicine that you can use to relieve overuse injuries or acute injuries, prompt treatment can often prevent a minor injury from becoming
worse or causing permanent damage. Discover how Herbal Patch Plus can effectively help to relieve sport injury muscle pain and work better
than ice, you can sports injury management right away at your home or office.
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Sports Injury prevention for People with Sport Injury:
  • Benefits of regular exercise
  • strengthens bones
  • reduces joint and muscle pain
  • relieves joint stiffness
  • improves mobility and balance
  • Simply Increasing Daily Activities Including
  • going for a brisk walk
  • working in the yard
  • going for a bike ride
  • walking the fairways when golfing
  • washing and waxing the car
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Treatment for Sports Injuries, Muscle Injury & Excessive Exercise
The best way to receive the maximum benefits from herbal patch. Apply small size patch to the
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