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Relief Shoulder Sore, Shoulder Soreness and Neck Pain

Learn More About Your Frozen Shoulder
Frozen shoulder can be caused by many situations, including shoulder injury. The condition results in loss of movement and/or stiffness of the
shoulder blade pain. There is usually neck pain in shoulder, and it is caused by tightening of the tissues that surround the shoulder joint pain.

There are two classifications of frozen shoulder:
  • The first - No significant reason for pain/stiffness.
  • The second - As a result of an event such as trauma, surgery or illness

It is not known exactly what causes this problem, however it is thought that the lining of the joint (the capsule) becomes inflamed, which
causes scar tissue to form.  This leaves less room for the humerus (arm bone) to move, hence restricting the movement of the joint.
The increased prevalence amongst diabetics (particularly insulin-dependent diabetics) may be due to glucose molecules sticking to the
collagen fibres in the joint capsule, which causes stiffness.  For this reason, diabetics are more likely to have both shoulders affected.  

Hormonal changes may be responsible for the higher incidence amongst women, particularly due to the increased prevalence around the
menopausal period. Some studies have shown that poor posture, particularly rounded shoulders, can cause shortening of one of the
ligaments of the shoulder, which may also contribute to this condition.  Also, prolonged immobility (such as after a fracture) may cause this
condition to develop.
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Miracle Natural Remedy Herbal Patch for Frozen Shoulder
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What Age & Gender Would Easier Get Affect?
Frozen shoulder most commonly affects patients between the ages of 40 to 60 years old, and it is twice as common in women than in men.  
Approximately 3% of the population will be affected by this, with slightly higher incidence amongst women, and is five times more common in
What are The Symptoms?
Onset is usually between 2 to 6 months and this period is characterized by a gradual
decrease in range of motion and an increase in pain.
1. The Painful Stage
Gradual onset of aching shoulder
Developing widespread pain, often worst at night and when lying on the affected side
This phase can last anywhere between 2-9 months.
2. The Frozen Stage
This stage occurs for between 4 and 12 months after initial onset. Motion will remain extremely limited although there may be a gradual
decrease in pain levels.
3. The Thawing Stage
In the thawing period, there is a gradual return of range of motion and decreased pain. This stage can vary from a few months to several years.
Frozen Shoulder Therapy & Shoulder Soreness Treatment
The best way to receive the maximum benefits from herbal patch. Apply small size patch to the
affected area, at the meantime, paste the large size herbal patch plus to both of soles and put the
socks on. Studies shown the spinal column is reflected in the inside curve of the foot with
mathematical precision. If the Herbal Patch Plus pasted on the soles of our feet, it would be
released the natural herbal energies into our body from the blood circulation, and these energies
in turn transfer into the tissues, organs and glands that correspond to the reflex areas in our feet,
stimulating their activities and improve their functions. Herbal Patch Plus can also be pasted on
any part of our body where the symptoms of the illness occur. It can deliver more herbal energies
to these ill parts of the body directly. And also withdraw toxins and impurities, prevent inflammation
and infection, quickly release stress and tiredness. The good news is herbal remedy has no
chemical left over inside of our body.
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There are Two Different Size of Herbal Patch Plus: Aside From The Sizes
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Large size of herbal patch plus is (6 inches x 10.5 inches). Each treatment pack contains 10 large
pieces in 5 envelopes. The large patches are recommended for the soles of feet, back pain or leg
treatment. Large size patch can be cut to fit your needs.

Regular size of the herbal patch plus is (4 inches x 6 inches). Each treatment pack contains 30
pieces in 15 envelopes of herbal patch plus. The regular size patches are recommended for the
affected area on the body.
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Frozen Shoulder Treatment
Non-surgical frozen shoulder cure should encourage relaxation of the muscles surrounding the shoulder. Simple gentle stretching such as a
passive stretch in lateral rotation the discomfort begins and then held there. Try to breathe deeply and relax the shoulder pain as much as
possible. After holding the stretch for up to 30 seconds then returned to the neutral position before repeating the procedure a few times. After
the relaxation stretch, put the Herbal Patch Plus on the shoulder sore are and wait 6-8 hours for the natural healing process. Learn to relieve
frozen shoulder pain successfully by using natural herbals:
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