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Premium Herbal Patch Plus for Dysmenorrhea or Menstrual Cramp Treatment
Utilize the 1,600 year old natural formula help to soothe dysmenorrhea or menstrual cramps in the 21st century. All natural herbal patches help for a
wide range of conditions. Natural herbal remedy can gently to ease dysmenorrhea or menstrual cramps, menstrual pain, stimulate your body, help
to active and improve tissues, organs and glands functions as well. You can feel it start to work as little as 15 minutes.

This is the most natural remedy for menstrual cramp relief! The Herbal Patch Plus could be one of the best natural herbal patch  for dysmenorrhea! It
can work quickly help to correct the irregular menstrual cycle and irregular menstrual period. The permeable natural formula can reach in some area
on your body but not disturb your normal social activities. Simply get natural therapy at your own home or office.

No more messy and smelly creams to apply. No more costly prescriptions. No more worrying about harmful side effects! Take the advantage of the
new and improved natural herbal extract technology! Discover how the Herbal Patch Plus can work better.
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What are The Symptoms of Dysmenorrhea
  • Aching pain in the abdomen (pain may be severe at times)
  • Feeling of pressure in the abdomen
  • Pain in the hips, lower back, and inner thighs
When Cramps Are Severe, Symptoms May Include:

  • Upset stomach, sometimes with vomiting
  • Loose stool
What Causes Common Menstrual Cramps?
Menstrual cramps are caused by contractions in the uterus (which is a muscle). The uterus, the hollow, pear-shaped organ where a baby
grows, contracts throughout a woman's menstrual cycle. During menstruation, the uterus contracts more strongly. If the uterus contracts too
strongly, it can press against nearby blood vessels, cutting off the supply of oxygen to the muscle tissue of the uterus. Pain results when part of
the muscle briefly loses its supply of oxygen.
Naturally Relieve Mild Menstrual Cramps
The Natural Ways To Relieve Mild Menstrual Cramps:
  • Place a heating pad or hot water bottle on your lower back or abdomen.
  • Rest when needed.
  • Avoid foods that contain caffeine.
  • Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol.
  • Massage your lower back and abdomen.
Women who exercise regularly often have less menstrual problems. To help prevent menstrual cramps, less suffer from irregular Menstrual
Cycle problems, make exercise a part of your weekly routine.

If these steps do not relief menstrual cramps or heavy menstrual bleeding, you can order the all natural Herbal Patch Plus for yourself. The
100% all natural ingredients gently assist to improve irregular menstrual period, Herbal Patch Plus can work quickly to ease menstrual pain. It
is one of the best home remedy for menstrual pain relief.
Natural Treatment for Dysmenorrhea or Menstrual Cramps
Some people decide to take natural herbal or plant-based products to help to relieve their symptoms. The amazing natural formula Herbal
Patch Plus have all been recommended as alternatives medicine formulation which contains a blend of all natural herbal extracts developed to
ease the transition and provide effective help to relief from dysmenorrhea or menstrual irregularity symptoms by leading herbal experts. The all
natural herbal treatment patch is 100% natural. You certainly will get the positive results from the natural herbal remedy patch in your own
home, office or wherever you go. Complete the herbal remedy for menstrual problems until you’re reached back the normal condition. Learn
more how Herbal Patch Plus can help menstrual cramp relief quickly:
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Learn More About dysmenorrhea
Dysmenorrhea is The Medical Term for Menstrual Cramps. There are Two Types of Dysmenorrhea: "Primary" And "Secondary."
Primary dysmenorrhea is common menstrual cramps. Cramps usually begin one to two years after a woman starts getting her period. Pain is
usually felt in the lower abdomen or back and can range from mild to severe. Common menstrual cramps usually become less painful as a
woman ages, and may stop entirely if the woman has a baby.

Secondary dysmenorrhea is pain that is caused by a disorder in the woman's reproductive organs. Pain from secondary dysmenorrhea usually
begins earlier in the menstrual cycle and lasts longer than common menstrual cramps.
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Dysmenorrhea or Menstrual Cramps Remedy
The best way to receive the maximum benefits from herbal patch. Apply small size patch to the
affected area, at the meantime, paste the large size herbal patch plus to both of soles and put the
socks on. Studies shown the spinal column is reflected in the inside curve of the foot with
mathematical precision. If the Herbal Patch Plus pasted on the soles of our feet, it would be
released the natural herbal energies into our body from the blood circulation, and these energies
in turn transfer into the tissues, organs and glands that correspond to the reflex areas in our feet,
stimulating their activities and improve their functions. Herbal Patch Plus can also be pasted on
any part of our body where the symptoms of the illness occur. It can deliver more herbal energies
to these ill parts of the body directly. And also withdraw toxins and impurities, prevent
inflammation and infection, quickly release stress and tiredness. The good news is herbal
remedy has no chemical left over inside of our body.
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There are Two Different Size of Herbal Patch Plus: Aside From The Sizes
There are The Same Synergist Healing Purposes!
Large size of herbal patch plus is (6 inches x 10.5 inches). Each treatment pack contains 10 large
pieces in 5 envelopes. The large patches are recommended for the soles of feet, back pain or leg
treatment. Large size patch can be cut to fit your needs.

Regular size of the herbal patch plus is (4 inches x 6 inches). Each treatment pack contains 30
pieces in 15 envelopes of herbal patch plus. The regular size patches are recommended for the
affected area on the body.