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Herbal Remedy for Parkinsonism and Parkinsonís Treatment

Herbal Patch for Dementia Care and Related Dementia Symptoms

What is Dementia?
Vascular dementia or senile dementia is an organic brain disorder characterized by impaired cognition involving memory and judgment.
Paranoia and disturbances of higher cortical function are common. Changes in personality and behavior frequently occur. Dementia is caused
by disorders that affect the brain. It is not a specific disease. People with dementia may not be able to think well enough to do normal activities,
such as getting dressed or eating. They may lose their ability to solve problems or control their emotions. Their personalities may change.
They may become agitated or see things that are not there.
The Common Signs of Dementia
Memory loss, difficulty performing familiar tasks, problems with language, time and place disorientation, poor judgment, problems with
abstract thinking, misplacing things, changes in mood, personality changes and loss of initiative are the most common dementia symptoms.
However, memory loss by itself does not mean you have dementia. People with dementia have serious problems with two or more brain
functions, such as memory and language. Many different diseases can cause dementia, including Alzheimer's disease and stroke. Drugs are
available to treat some of these diseases. While these drugs cannot cure dementia or repair brain damage, they may improve symptoms or
slow down the disease.
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What is Parkinson's Disease?
Parkinson's disease is a progressive disorder of the central nervous system affecting more than 1.5 million people in the United States. The
disease is characterized by a decrease in spontaneous movement, gait difficulty, postural instability, rigidity, and tremor. Dr. James Parkinson
discovered the disease in 1817 and identified it as shaky palsy. It was not until 1960 that changes in the brains of Parkinsonism patients were
discovered, making it possible to develop medication for the condition. Most people who get Parkinsonism are over 60, but there have recently
been more cases in younger men and women. It is not known why some people get Parkinson's disease. It may be that a number of
malfunctions are occuring. Scientists have speculated on the causes, genetics and environmental factors are thought to play a part in some of
the cases, it belongs to a group of conditions called motor system disorders that result of the loss of dopamine producing brain cells.
Parkinson's Disease Symptoms
Parkinson's disease affects movement. Typical parkinson's disease symptoms include disorders of mood, behavior, thinking, and sensation.
There are primary levels of Parkinson's disease and secondary levels. Not everyone with the disease experiences all of the symptoms and
progression of the disease is different from person to person. Most of the symptoms of the disease have to do with motor skills, but pain and
lack of energy are also symptoms of the disease.
Preventing Dementia Treatment
The best way to receive the maximum benefits from herbal patch. Apply small size patch to the
affected area, at the meantime, paste the large size herbal patch plus to both of soles and put the
socks on. Studies shown the spinal column is reflected in the inside curve of the foot with
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in turn transfer into the tissues, organs and glands that correspond to the reflex areas in our feet,
stimulating their activities and improve their functions. Herbal Patch Plus can also be pasted on
any part of our body where the symptoms of the illness occur. It can deliver more herbal energies
to these ill parts of the body directly. And also withdraw toxins and impurities, prevent inflammation
and infection, quickly release stress and tiredness. The good news is herbal remedy has no
chemical left over inside of our body.
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Natural Herbal for Parkinson's Disease and Dementia Care
Parkinson's Disease - A surgical parkinsons treatment, known as Deep Brain Stimulation is sometimes used to help reduce the severity of
muscle rigidity and bradykinesia, and physical therapy is often recommended.
Dementia - Dementia treatment is directed toward the particular underlying cause. Agitation and other emotional concerns are generally
addressed as part of the overall treatment plan.
Is There A cure for Parkinson's Disease Dementia?
There is no cure to the illness BUT doesn't mean hopeless to EASE the symptoms of the disease. Some people decide to take natural herbal
products to help to relieve their symptoms. And Herbal Patch Plus have been recommended as synergistic healing formulation which contains
a blend of all natural herbals that developed to treat the symptoms and provide excellent benefits for dementia treatment. The all natural herbal
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Causes of Parkinson's Disease
Primary Symptoms
  • Bradykinesia – slowness in voluntary movement such as standing up, walking, and sitting down. This
    happens because of delayed transmission signals from the brain to the muscles.
  • Tremors – often occur in the hands, fingers, forearms, foot, mouth, or chin. Typically, tremors take place
    when the limbs are at rest as opposed to when there is movement.
  • Rigidity – otherwise known as stiff muscles, often produce muscle pain that is increased during
  • Poor Balance – happens because of the loss of reflexes that help posture. This causes unsteady balance
    which oftentimes leads to a fall.
  • Parkinson's Gait – a common walk of somebody with Parkinson's disease. It includes shuffling, head
    down, shoulders drooped, lack of arm swing, and leaning backwards or forwards unnaturally. Initiating
    walking is difficult and freezing mid-stride is common.
Secondary Symptoms
  • Constipation
  • Difficulty swallowing; saliva and food that get caught in the mouth or in the back of the throat may cause
    choking, coughing, or drooling
  • Excessive salivation
  • Excessive sweating
  • Loss of bowel and/or bladder control
  • Loss of intellectual capacity
  • Psychosocial: anxiety, depression, isolation
  • Scaling, dry skin on the face or scalp
  • Slow response to questions
  • Small cramped handwriting
  • Soft, whispery voice
Are Parkinson's Disease and Dementia Related?
Parkinson’s patients who experience hallucinations and more severe motor control problems are at risk for dementia. According to Dr. Jean
Hubble of Ohio State University, dementia is a “cognitive impairment of sufficient magnitude to hinder daily activities or diminish the quality of
the patient's life.” Approximately 20% of people with Parkinson’s disease will develop dementia, usually after the age of 70. In general, there is
a 10 to 15 year lag time between a Parkinson’s diagnosis and the onset of dementia, which typically occurs years after the motor skills begin to
be affected.
Signs of Dementia in Parkinson’s Disease:
  • memory problems
  • distractibility
  • slowed thinking
  • disorientation
  • confusion
  • moodiness
  • lack of motivation
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