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Learn More About Your Back Pain
There are many different causes to back ache. Sometimes back ache can occur for no apparent reason, but the two main reasons are either
due to an injury or just the fact that a weakness exist in that region. Understanding the cause is the proper key for back pain treatment.

Lack of muscle tone and excess weight, especially around your middle, commonly cause and aggravate low back pain. Poor posture can add
stress to the muscles and joints, causing fatigue and injury. Add to that the daily stresses and strains you put on your back, such as carrying
out the trash, sitting in your car or truck for long periods of time, lifting something heavy and incorrectly or just applying the brakes in your car.

Even minor damage to any one component of your back's structure can upset the delicate balance and make movement painful. Your body will
then try to protect this area by contracting the muscles surrounding the area. The contracted muscles not only cause the pain you experience,
but they also slow down circulation to the area, which ultimately diminishes the necessary oxygen flow and prevents the body to heal itself.
Damage and associated pain can occur at any point of your spine. However, the most common site for effecting the low back pain because it
bears the majority of your weight and is therefore exposed to the most pressure.
Diseases That Can Cause Back Pain
Some diseases can contribute to back pain and are likely to need long-term treatment. But they're far less common than minor damage
to the back's muscles and ligaments. It's a good idea to visit your doctor if your back pain doesn't go away after a week or so.

Inflammatory Joint Diseases
There are many inflammatory diseases (e.g. ankylosing spondylitis and rheumatoid arthritis) that cause joints to become inflamed and seize
up. These diseases can either directly affect the joints in the back, the back pain cause problems with other joints that lead to back muscle
pain, back rib pain even sciatic pain.
About 10 percent of people with back muscle pain may experience "sciatica". Named after the sciatic nerve that extends down each leg from
your hip to your heel, this condition can cause inflammation and compression in your lower back and buttock. You may feel pain radiating down
to your lower leg. Tingling, numbness or muscle weakness can also accompany this condition. Usually the pain resolves on its own, most
sciatica treatment is non operative or surgical, however, severe nerve compression can cause progressive muscle weakness.
Muscle Strains and Spasms
Aches and pains, commonly called "lumbago", usually signal strained muscles, tendons or ligaments or inflamed joints along your spine. If
you strain your back, you may feel immediate pain or develop soreness and stiffness later. Muscle spasm usually occurs after some kind of
injury (however small it may have been). Spasm is your body's way of saying "Hey - watch out!" It is designed to immobilize you and prevent
further damage.
This condition, also known as osteoarthritis, is a long-term degeneration of the joints, which makes them less able to withstand stress. It's a
wear-and-tear problem that affects most of us as we get older and which can give rise to pain in some cases.

Osteoporosis causes bones to become weak so they fracture easily. The bones of the back and neck are often affected and can become
compressed. This is particularly common in women who are post-menopause and can be influenced by diet and hormone replacement
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Reducing Risk of Back Pain
Some of the commonest causes of stress and strain on the spine are:
  • slouching in chairs.
  • driving in hunched positions.
  • standing badly.
  • lifting incorrectly.
  • sleeping on sagging mattresses.
  • being unfit, and generally overdoing it.
The wrong sort of movement is usually at the root of simple back pain. Inactivity makes the muscles go slack, and become unable to support the
back properly. Usually the problems are due to a strain or tear to the muscles, tendons or ligaments around the lower spine. Even a minor problem
can cause a lot of pain when you stand, bend or move around. Simple gentle stretching exercises always recommended. After the relaxation and put
the Herbal Patch Plus on the muscles surrounding the back pain area up to 6-8 hours that will help to speed up the natural healing process. Learn
more how to use Herbal Patch Plus to natural treatment for back pain relief:
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Preventing Back Strain Tips
  • Don't lift by bending over. Lift an object by bending your hips and knees and then squatting to
    pick up the object. Keep your back straight and hold the object close to your body. Avoid twisting
    your body while lifting.
  • Push rather than pull when you must move heavy objects.
  • If you must sit at your desk or at the wheel of a car or truck for long hours, break up the time with
    stops to stretch. Gentle back pain exercises if necessary.
  • Wear flat shoes or shoes with low heels (1 inch or lower).
Exercise regularly can help back pain relief. An inactive lifestyle contributes to chronic back pain.
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